TiGL 3.0.0 released

After more than a year of development, we finally released TiGL 3.0. TiGL 3 is the first release that is compatible with the CPACS 3 standard.

TiGL 3 contains many changes, but the most important ones are:

  • CPACS 3 compatibility. TiGL will now be able to read CPACS 3 files. TiGL 3 is not backwards compatible. To process CPACS 2 files, please use the TiGL 2 releases. We encourage all our users, to switch to CPACS 3 as it fixes many problematic parametrizations and definitions, that finally lead to problems in TiGL and other software. To convert your CPACS files, you can use our tool cpacs2to3.
  • Change of the wing component segment definition. This new definition fixes the problem, that some of the wing component segment coordinates don't have a corresponding point on the wing surface.
  • Change of the wing structural definition and improved modeling of it. Please have a look on our blog post for more information.
  • Modeling of the fuselage structure, nacelles and pylons.
  • Deleted deprecated functions, such as the old intersection API.
  • Improved modeling algorithms.

Compared with the TiGL 3.0.0-rc2 release candidate, only minor bug fixes have been added:

  • The function tiglSetDebugDataDirectory, to set the output directory of debugging data.
  • Bugfix in tiglWingGetWettedArea
  • Smaller compiler fixes with new OpenCASCADE versions

The complete changelog can be seen at our TiGL 3.0.0 release page.