TiGL Library

The TiGL library is a C++ library and is really the core of CPACSCreator framework. This library contains all the logic of the geometrical CPACS data manipulation. There is at least two ways to access this library. One is thought the TiGL API and the other one is thought the internal Python API.


The TiGL API is a "standard" C API where the main functions of TiGL was declared. The TiGL API is, for the moment, exactly the same as the original TiGL3 API and does not contains the new creator functionalities to edit the geometrical data. You can find all the available functions of TiGL API in tigl.h file. You can find more information about how to use the TiGL API in API Usage and the API Usage Examples. The force of this TiGL API is that the API is available for C/C++, Python, MATLAB and FORTRAN language.

Internal python API

The python internal API is a python wrapper around the original C++ library. This wrapper wrap almost all C++ classes using SWIG technology. So using these interface you have access to almost all the internal C++ functions. In particular you can access the wing class (tigl::CCPACSWing) or the fuselage class (tigl::CCPACSFuselage). From this classes you can modify the high level parameters of the object and easily modify the geometry of the object. Though this internal python API, the possibilities to manipulate the CPACS geometrical data really explode. So the python API is now the preferred way to access the CPACSCreator library. At the begging, the user can be a little bit lost by this new way to interact with the library, but you can find a tutorial to get into it here: Python Scripting