CPACS Creator Pre-Release

We are happy to announce a pre-release of the CPACS Creator!

CPACS Creator was developed by Malo Drougard at CFS Engineering and will be replace the TiGLViewer in a future release.


With the CPACS Creator, you can edit your CPACS files in the TiGLViewer or create an airplane from scratch with just a few mouse clicks. You can

  • add wings and fuselages to your vehicle
  • modify high-level parameters such as width, height, length, positions, dihedral or sweep angle
  • add sections or exchange profile curves
  • manipulate transformations and positionings

and much more!

The high-level cpacs editing functions are also available in the API. You can now easily create small variations of the same aircraft from a python script:

wing = wings.get_wing("Wing")

for sweep in range(50, 80, 2):
    save(tixi_h, aircraft, "Output/out-sweep-" + str(sweep) + ".xml")


The pre-release is available as a conda package. We recommend installation into a clean conda environment

conda create -n cpacscreator python=3.6 cpacscreator -c dlr-sc

You can find the documentation here. Enjoy!